Can Dogs Change?
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Can Dogs Change?

Why have so many dogs become bad? Yes, every dog has its temperament. But the behavior of pets is a direct result of the owner’s ability to understand the animal and give it what it needs. So there are no bad dogs, there are uneducated dog owners.

You need to realize that dogs don’t really want to be bad dogs. They do it because of a perceived threat, or a fear of a perceived threat.

Here are some great tips for changing dog personality

First of all, when it comes to dogs you should realize that some of their behavioral problems are rooted in their past. This is why trainers often recommend taking older dogs into classes with young dogs. If your dog’s behavior has been bothering you or other family members, changing dog behavior techniques is critical to solving the problem. You might need to talk to a dog trainer to find out the right techniques for training your dog to behave appropriately.

There are so many different reasons for dogs acting up, and only trainers and veterinarians know which ones are most likely to be a problem.

We come to the question — what needs to be changed in order for the dog to change?

The truth is, you the owner have to change. Once the owner realizes that there is a problem, he will say to himself, “I need to find out what my dog lacks, so I can start giving it to him!”.

A good place where it can start is recognizing the dog’s natural behavior, studying the way the dog thinks, discovering ways how to communicate with it properly. Because believing dogs have the same needs as humans are one of the biggest mistakes we make. We, humans, love our dogs. They often turn into our babies, into our children. But we still have to face it — dogs are animals, not humans. They think differently and I need different things.

And the truth is that if the host changes, the dog will also change. No matter when your problems with the pet date, no matter the age of the dog — if you change your attitude towards it, it will also.

Dogs live here, and now, they live right now, and they don’t wander between past and present. They have bad habits that you want to change. But dogs change much easier than humans. When, for example, a person feels sorry for what happened to him in the past (for example, illness), he puts obstacles to the animal to get what he needs at the moment. As we have said, dogs are aimed at the present moment, and if the owners have stayed in the past and what it was, they prevent the dog from moving on. And this, in turn, could slow or hinder the development and rehabilitation of the animal.

Many people who don’t train dogs or interact with their pet owners have this belief that punishment really solves problems. While a few bad behaviors can’t be avoided, consistent training of good behavior can make a big difference. When it comes to training your dog or changing dog behavior, it’s very important to remember that just as humans can learn new behavior from negative consequences, dogs can learn from positive consequences as well. A good example of this would be potty training. Punishing a dog for eliminating in the wrong place is not effective. In fact, it can cause your dog to stop going there altogether, so changing dog behavior with consequences is important!

A large proportion of the dogs are found in shelters because they had owners who treated them wrong. Yes, a lot of people try to understand the animal against themselves, but the fact is, a huge proportion of people never make it. A dog can be a real tyrant in one owner, and then raised by another, turn into a completely different, calm and obedient animal.

This means only one thing — for every dog trapped in a shelter, there is hope. As long as it is discovered by people who are willing to patiently study its behavior and needs, try to communicate with the animal who is trying to give it what it needs. And keep in mind that the more confident you are in front of your dog, the more it will listen to you. Be calm, but also firm in your relationship with the animal.

Dogs are able to recognize feelings, so you can not hide from them. If you love the animal and want to take care of it, if you are strict but fair, if you pay attention to it, if you play with it and walk it if you train it and nurture it if you provide it with a complete food, then you wouldn’t have any problems with it, and you wouldn’t get to the shelter!

So, whether you have a very stubborn mutt that’s been behaving badly for years or a shy, little dachshund that’s suddenly become aggressive and surly, changing dog behavior is possible. You just have to get over the false sense of security that many people get when owning dogs and realize that dogs are much more than lapdogs. They want our love and attention as much as we want theirs, and if they’re acting out because they don’t feel secure in their surroundings, then they need to see what getting training can do for them. Training is the key to solving dogs’ behavior problems, and any good trainer will be able to show you how.

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