7 fun games to play with your dog

The game is the first of the primary and most essential activities in a person's life! She handles the development of the child. It has the same role in the life of your dog! With their help, the young puppy develops his physique and acquires basic social skills!
7 fun games to play with your dog
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7 fun games to play with your dog

The game is the first of the primary and most essential activities in a person’s life! She handles the development of the child. It has the same role in the life of your dog! With their help, the young puppy develops his physique and acquires basic social skills!

The game in the first year of life of the dog takes up a significant part of his time. It starts playing with the mother and other puppies, only fifteen or twenty days after birth! For example, one of the essential activities a puppy learns during this time is how to bite! When the puppy bites another dog violently and starts to whine during the game, the young friend understands the reason and starts to regulate the force of his bite so it does not cause any pain. This means the dog does not bite you strongly when it is grown up! For this reason it is also appropriate the puppies do not separate from the litter until they are five or six weeks old!

Four to five weeks after birth, the dog will start playing with objects, so give it plenty of opportunities to play during this time. Now is the time to teach your puppy the proper play habits. If the dog has enough toys, it does not reach for objects you keep at home!

The game “bring” can start at the ten-twelfth week. It is beneficial to teach the animal this game — It is a wonderful way to maintain the shape and health of the dog at a later age. And if the game is not mastered early enough, you may never teach your pet to bring things.

In the period of two to six months, puppies prefer fighting with other dogs as a form of play. In case your little boy has no brothers and sisters and grows by himself, you are the ones who have to respond to this need. You are also the one who must show the dog that strong biting is not a form of play, then he does not have the opportunity to do it with the other young dogs.

We do not always manage to be creative when it comes to inventing activities that the dog likes. For this purpose, I have taken care to offer you a few games to offer the animal in cases where you do not know what to do.

1. Running with obstacles

Running is a fantastic way to use up energy. It could be an enormous physical and mental training for the animal if you put obstacles to jumping, bypassing or puncturing along its route. A wide corridor could prove to be the perfect route. You can put pillows of different heights on it or other objects on which the dog would not get hurt. Once you have finished preparing, let the pet go and invite him to come to you on the final straight!

2. Where’s the ball?

This game is a favorite of humans and animals. You can also train the dog’s spirit with it. A rubber ball or another ball and three opaque cups are required. The goal is to move the ball from one cup to another, and the dog must guess where the ball is hiding.

3. Hide and seek

If you think it’s only for humans, you haven’t guessed it! The hide-and-seek game will send your dog into ecstasy. You have to leave it in one room until you hide in another part of the apartment and start making a noise, it will follow and until it finds you.

4. Arrangement

It doesn’t sound like a game to you, but the dog might find it attractive. To do this, you will need piles and toys to spread across the floor and around the room. Next, you need to specify a place (for example, a basket or a basin) where the animal will place the toys. You can encourage it at every proper move with a treat.

5. What’s your name?

If your dog has not yet learned its name, then there is a game that will be valuable not only for fun but also for the animal to understand what it is called. You can gather all family members to disperse in different rooms or parts of the apartment. Everyone in a row will invite the dog using some name. The catch is that it only gets a treat if it responds to its own name, not everyone’s.

6. Playing with pulling and biting a toy.

This game is helping us build a stronger bond between the dog and us. When the dog plays with us, we have to let him win. When he wins the game, he starts to like the game because he feels stronger. Most dogs, when they win once, usually want to win again and repeat that feeling. They need us to do that, which means the dog must bring the toy back, so we can play with it again and win the game again. For those who do not let their dogs win for various reasons, I can explain it this way – for example, if you play a video game, if you do not win, you will not want to play anymore. Since the dog feels the same way, he must have an incentive to want to play again.

This game helps strengthen the physical condition of the dog and execute many commands that we want the dog to know (by rewarding the dog with a toy, not a treat). Besides, the dog has an innate instinct to bite. It can’t bite other dogs and us because we don’t let it. Only by biting and pulling a toy can it exercise this instinct, which is excellent because firstly, no one is hurt and secondly, the dog consumes a lot of energy in this way.

7. Dog Frisbee

Dog Frisbee or Disc Dog – this is a game in which choreography is performed. This game builds an excellent and beneficial relationship between humans and dogs. Speed, attractive performance and dexterity of the dog are evaluated here. All you need is just desire, grass, flat terrain, frisbee, dog and of course imagination, which will help you to create unique routines.

A nice trick that will do you a lot of good while playing is to change the dog’s toy in a few days. So they will not be bored and there will be a constant interest in them! It’s good for them to get complicated with time.

Remember that towards the end of the first year, the dog should also be aware that it is you who tell when the game starts and ends. To do this, you could use the same signal every time to start and end the game — for example, a particular whistle or a word that would indicate the start and end of the game!

Wishing you a pleasant time with your god and many happy moments!

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